Don’t Learn About Electrified Fencing from Personal Experience

Don’t Learn About Electrified Fencing from Personal Experience

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When a sales manager at Mytee Products deals with a first-time buyer of electrified fencing, there is always that moment of questioning. The sales manager needs to determine whether the customer really knows anything about his or her purchase. While electrified fencing is safe for animals, property owners do not want to learn about it from personal experience.

A case in point is that of a father and son team in Canada that found a unique and unfortunate way to get up close and personal with an electrified fence on their property. Details are explained below. The good news from this story is that neither father nor son were harmed in the making of the viral video that has made them semi-famous. Still, what the pair did will not earn them any awards for their genius.

Let’s Hop the Fence

The story starts out innocently enough. Father and son needed to feed a herd of cows on the family farm. The cows were contained in a meadow surrounded by electrified fencing. But rather than enter the meadow by going through a gate on the far end, the two decided to ‘jump the fence’ as it were.

A tree branch overhanging a portion of the fence provided the means they needed to get into the meadow. Both climbed up the tree, shimmied across the branch, and dropped down on the other side. They went to feed the cows and that was that. But then they had to get out. That is where the trouble began.

Junior is still young and limber enough that he was able to jump up, grab the branch, and use it to swing himself over the fence. Dad wasn’t so lucky. On his first attempt, he was unable to lift his legs high enough to clear the fence. He was met with a nice little jolt on contact. But then his feet got tangled and he was jolted two more times.

If at First You Don’t Succeed

One would think that a couple of hits from an electrified fence would be enough to send a grown man walking for the gate no matter how far away it was. But not so fast. This seasoned farmer decided to try again. He found a stump he thought he could use to launch himself over the fence with the help of the tree branch. His son wasn’t convinced. But why let that stop you?

Dad positioned the stump, lined up his approach, and took a leap of faith. He did get a better grasp of the branch as a result, so that much is good. But he still wasn’t able to swing his legs high enough. He caught the fence again and suffered the consequences. By sheer willpower he managed to drag his legs over the fence and fall to the ground on the other side.

Electricity Is a Painful Thing

Again, it’s important to note that neither father nor son sustained serious injury as a result. Dad got a few painful jolts, but that’s about it. Yet we must also remember that electricity is a painful thing. The whole concept of electrified fencing is one of using painful jolts to create an emotional barrier.

If electrified fencing is doing its job, Cattle won’t even get near it. They will be shocked one or two times during the training process, but that’s it. They learn. They remember. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that humans are that smart. Father and son know there was juice running through that fence, yet they got much too close anyway. Very strange indeed.

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