What Factors Influence the Ability of Nation to Produce Waste?

What Factors Influence the Ability of Nation to Produce Waste?

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The amount of waste produced every year has rocketed. The major reason has been enhancing population along with longer-living society. However, things are getting from poor to worse with passage of time. It would be pertinent to mention here that more production of waste would create a chain reaction of bad events happening. Larger amount of waste would lead to land pollution, air pollution and water pollution. It would eventually change the environment, making it relatively difficult for various species to survive.

It has become a huge issue that should be tackled prudently. However, you should be aware of the base of the problem. For this specific reason, we have, in collaboration with waste management experts, Reconomy look forward to understanding the reason behind increasing waste pollution across the world. Reconomy has been known for its expertise on skip cost. They would provide requisite information on the various nations producing waste based on their population.

Nations producing waste based on their population

Find below a list of nations producing tonnes of waste annually based on their population figures.

  • China – 300,000,000 tonnes
  • USA – 228,614,990 tonnes
  • India – 226,572,283 tonnes
  • Brazil – 62,730,096 tonnes
  • Indonesia – 59,100,000 tonnes
  • Russia – 48,256,200 tonnes
  • Mexico – 39,385,595 tonnes
  • Nigeria – 25,000,000 tonnes
  • Bangladesh – 22,528,901 tonnes
  • Pakistan – 20,000,000 tonnes

Where does UK stand in the list?

Despite UK, not being among the top ten most populated nations producing waste list, but you would be surprised on its position for producing waste every year. It would be pertinent to mention that UK has been producing around 30,475,668 tonnes of municipal solid waste every year. UK has easily surpassed Bangladesh, Nigeria and Pakistan in production of waste every year.

It has made clear that population is not the only aspect for producing waste, as legislation, productivity, infrastructure and technological advancements would make a significant contribution to the nation’s waste producing ability.

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