How to Reduce Your Waste Management Costs

How to Reduce Your Waste Management Costs

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Whether you are running a small hotel or a large corporate business, waste management is something that you need to put more effort into. However, most Australian businesses produce enormous amounts of waste that is quite a challenge dealing with. On the other hand, just dumping commercial waste at the nearest landfill simply results in the landfill running out of space at a much faster rate. This is why the Australian authorities require every commercial establishment to manage and dispose of their waste effectively or be liable for the damages arising from their negligence. Thankfully, there are many things that you can do to effectively manage your waste. To help you reduce costs, we have come up with some 5 recycling and waste management tips.

Do a waste management audit

One of the best tips to enable you effectively manage your waste is doing a complete waste management audit. Doing this helps you to quickly identify the areas where you need to enhance your waste disposal strategy. In addition, it helps you to separate the different types of wastes. This in turn helps you to identify the items that you can recycle or re-use. Since many waste products also require specialist treatment, a waste audit is very important.

Break down Large and Bulky waste Items

Very large and bulky waste items tend to become lodged inside your dumpster and even remain inside them after the container is dumped. The worst part is that you cannot tell when this happens. This causes you to suffer from a reduced capacity until the large items in the bins are dislodged. To prevent this, you should always make it a habit to first break down bulky items using granulators as much as possible. You can also opt for balers or commercial shredders from based on your industry.

Invest in Trash Compactors

Trash compactors are one of the essential waste disposal tools that every commercial establishment should invest into. Trash compactors compress waste materials which makes wastes more manageable. It helps in reducing the trash volume which in turn reduces the size of the trash that you throw. A reduction in the size of your trash means spending less on your trash containers and disposal. Another benefit of trash compactors is that they help in subduing odours resulting in the control of rodents and pests.

Join a recycling program

According to statistics, Australian businesses generate more than 1.7 tonnes of waste per employee every single year. However, it is estimated that only half of that waste is being recycled. Since more and more business are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, there are several recycling programs arising that your business can join and perform better when it comes to waste recycling. The best thing about joining these programs is that most of them offer free services to companies that have joined them. You can do some research online and identify a program that you can join in your area.

Consider Looking for Dumpster Rentals

If you own a large business that produces large quantity of waste products that needs disposal, you may consider investing in dumpster rentals for waste disposal. Investing in a dumpster rental will provide you with a very good location for dumping all your wastes cost effectively. With the assistance of a company specialising in dumpster rentals, you will be able to choose a dumpster in your local area that is just the right size for your waste management needs.


Recycling and reducing your business’s waste can save you money and the waste that ends up in the landfills. By having these 5 tips in mind, you will be able to improve your company’s waste management policy and help save the environment.

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