Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Cosmetic Products

Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Cosmetic Products

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The market is teeming with choices for cosmetic products, with each manufacturer claiming that theirs are the best. When deciding which ones to buy, you need to consider not only price and effectiveness, but also the ingredients that are used. You should look for organic & natural beauty products, which can deliver promising results without side effects. That being said, be sure to stay away from the toxic ingredients that will be mentioned in the rest of this post.


A common ingredient in makeups, moisturizers, facial cleansers, and body washes, parabens function as preservatives, which has the main purpose of preventing the growth of bacteria and yeast. While they are indeed beneficial in such a way, they can do more harm than good. It disrupts the function of the hormones and can also lead the breast cancer. The European Union restricts its use, but in other countries, no such tight regulations are in place. To be sure, buy only natural beauty products.


The main use of these chemicals is to improve the softness and flexibility of plastic. Some of the products that contain phthalates include nail polish, lotions, perfumes, and hairspray. According to The Guardian, exposure to such chemicals can bring negative impacts to one’s health. To be specific, it’s linked to asthma, cancer, autism spectrum disorders, fertility issues among males, obesity, and low IQ, among other things.


Along with formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, formaldehyde is another toxic chemical that should never be present in your cosmetics. It’s commonly used as an ingredient to prevent contamination, but it’s a health and environmental hazard. Among other things, skin irritation is the most side effect of formaldehyde. The more alarming, however, is that it can also cause cancer. It’s considered as a carcinogen, especially amongst people who are often exposed to such, including embalmers and those who work in salons.


Derived from coal tar or petroleum, this petrochemical derivative is also known by other names such as phenylethane and benzene. It’s a common ingredient in nail polishes and hair dyes. It targets the immune system and exposure to such chemical can lead to skin irritation and nausea. This is especially dangerous to pregnant women as it can interfere with the development of the fetus.


This active ingredient in skincare products is used primarily as an anti-microbial agent. This is a preservative that is commonly found in makeup, hair conditioners, foot sprays, shampoos, powders, and suntans. It’s effective in the reduction and control of bacteria. In the same way, it also poses dangers. It can increase the allergy risk of people who are exposed to triclosan. Aside from being a skin irritant, it can also have negative effects on reproductive and thyroid hormones.

In sum, if you’re looking for new cosmetics to try, be sure that it’s free from the chemicals that have been mentioned above. They can bring negative side effects, including conditions that are as serious as cancer.

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