3 Eco-Friendly Approach to Backup Power

3 Eco-Friendly Approach to Backup Power

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Many countries today, even first world nations, experience a series of power outages each year. This poses a big concern to many considering that we now live in a technologically-dependent era. Apart from that we heavily rely on to power for our basic needs like food and shelter. Going on powerless for days entail possible danger and in some cases, life threatening.

Back in 2003, parts of Canada and United States suddenly went dark for about 48 hours due to power grid failures. The said incident resulted to panic, inconvenience, and business losses. So whether it is because of a failure in the power grid or one caused by a disaster like hurricane or earthquake, it is important that we equip our homes with backup power the way we prepare for food and water. More than to prevent business losses, having a backup power is fundamentally about life preservation and survival.

There are many way to cope with sudden power failure. However, not all prove that they are efficient regardless of the cause of the outage. More so, only few are designed to be environmentally friendly.

Go Solar
We all know that sun is a great source of energy that reduces air and water pollution and lessens the need for finite resources. Contrary to the harmful effects of fossil fuels to the quality of air, solar can generate electricity without detrimental greenhouse gasses. There are many best solar panels you can choose from and solar generator as backup power is the most cost-effective system as it is affordable considering that the power we get from the sun is actually free. The system may entail cost in the beginning, but it actually saves you more money in the long run. Plus, solar generator functions without the noise and mess that other generators emit.

Get Help from Natural Gas
Another good option is the use of natural gas. The best thing about natural gas as power backup is its ability to adapt regardless of the weather condition, like strong winds and falling objects, since it usually passes through underground pipes. They do come in different sizes and provided that the pipes underground are stable and protected, it may automatically generate power to fuel your items at home.

Catch Some Wind
Apart from solar energy, wind power is among the most eco-friendly ways to generate electricity. Countries that are blessed to experience sufficient wind to produce power may benefit from the efficient and cost-effective wind power generator. Wind does not use fossil fuel and does not release greenhouse gases. A good number of wind turbines may power an entire community if ever the undesirable happens.

You see, the world is aging and if we continue to disregard the worsening effects of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels, human survival will ultimately have a slim chance. And as we survive one power failure after the other, let us do our part in choosing the better, safer, and more eco-friendly approach to backup power.

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