Comfortable Environment Developing for Future Generation

Comfortable Environment Developing for Future Generation

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Asbestos is a building constructive material used by previous generation to make budgeted houses, companies, offices etc. It is widely used by Australians in the Year 1950’s and later it was banned in 1980’s. Older houses in Sydney are mostly of Asbestos, since it is less expensive material. Inhalation of such a material is toxic and life threatening. House is the good shelter to every human. The dwelling place must be peaceful and healthier, so it is good to abate the asbestos usage to develop better environment.

History of Asbestos:

Asbestos is a very ancient prehistoric material found and prevails from Stone Age. Asbestos can be found in large deposits on every continent. It is believed that as early as 4000 BC, asbestos long thread like fibers was used as wicks in lamps and candles. Embalming of bodies by Ancient Egyptians was done by wrapping the Asbestos clothes to protect the body from deterioration. It is also believed by the ancients that while using for pots and utensils it can withstand the fire and strengthens the utensil. Older houses in Sydney were been built with it. Later on they realized the toxicity of Asbestos.

How asbestos affects?

Exposure to asbestos can occur when asbestos-containing material (man-made or natural) is disturbed releasing asbestos fibers into the air. Asbestos that is embedded or contained in undisturbed solid materials presents a negligible risk of exposure.

The primary route of asbestos entry into the body is inhalation of air that contains asbestos fibers. Asbestos can also enter the body via ingestion. With dermal exposure, asbestos fibers may lodge in the skin.

When shortly said, it causes skin irritation and lung cancer.

Protect yourself from inhalation of asbestos is very much necessary. Mask the face to avoid inhalation of asbestos, masks not only prevents inhalation of asbestos but also resist other airborne toxins and chemicals.

Removal process of Asbestos:

Consult for the expert and licensed contractor to remove asbestos, approach and take necessary action for abate it.

Safety methods explained by the experts shall be taken.

Vacate all the usable things and households from the house that is kept under renovation for the abatement of asbestos.

Testing of Asbestos:

Many Laboratory licensed were testing the Asbestos tests. Those tests include the following.

Airborne asbestos

Bulk building materials

Settled dust and other non building materials

Soil and sediment

Water and other Aqueous samples.

Environmental services:

Make aware of asbestos to all the people. Follow the steps to remove the older asbestos. There many service Laboratory for testing of asbestos and removal of it. Consult to the expert about prevention and precautions that are necessary.

Steps followed in removing Asbestos:

First thing, hire for a licensed abate contractor.

Make sure of that siding contains asbestos, if it really contains asbestos, make a decision to remove it.

Basic rules:

  1. Worker protection
  2. Wetting
  3. Containment- minimize the release of debris
  4. Avoid breakage

Asbestos is difficult to remove, so protective equipment and clothing can be maintained like Respirators, Rubber Boots, Coveralls, Eye protection, Durable rubber gloves are required.

Removal tools:

Tools like Pry bar to pull the nails

Nail pullers or cutters

Knife or scissors for cutting polythene sheets

Asbestos waste removal bags for bagging the removed slides.

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