Environmental Drilling Services Offered in Sydney

Environmental Drilling Services Offered in Sydney

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Environmental drilling is a very important and delicate job. Though it uses heavy machinery in order to get the job done, each and every step of the project must be done according to plan in order to prevent site complications. Heavy duty and durable equipment for drilling are very important. As project supervisors and site workers, you need to make sure that all equipment are well maintained and accounted for. There are four types of drilling and it includes auger, mud rotary, sonic, and air rotary drilling. The main purpose of environmental drilling is to assess, monitor, and remediate a certain project site. Below is a list of companies that offer environmental drilling services in some areas in Sydney.

  1. BG Drilling

– BG Drilling is a family owned company that offers services in the eastern parts of Australia. As a multidisciplinary company, they use up to date equipment and well trained professionals in order to conduct safe and accurate site investigations to their clients. Some of the environmental drilling services they offer include auger, air and mud rotary drilling, and more. They can perform investigations in some areas in Sydney. They are on time and can give customers affordable prices.

  1. Proactive Drilling Services Pty Ltd

– This drilling company has served customers for years. They have worked in Queensland, Northern Territory, and in some areas in Sydney. They offer geotechnical, exploration, and environmental drilling services. In order to offer quality and safe services, the company uses well maintained equipment including various types of rigs and compressors. They are willing to accept short and long term projects.

  1. Total Drilling

– Is a company that has been offering services since it was established in year 2000. They operate in Newcastle, New South Wales, and other areas. Being a veteran company in drilling means they use modern and advance equipment. They make sure that all their workers are up to date when it comes to site investigation drilling that is why they provide workshops. They offer solid flight auger, hollow auger, mud rotary drilling, and so much more.

  1. Stratacore Drilling

– Stratacore Drilling is a privately owned company that operates in New South Wales and in the Australian Capital Territory. For years, they have provided site investigation drilling services by using modern and well maintained equipment. All of their rigs have appropriate safety features. They have licensed and experienced workers.

  1. Rockwell Drilling Services

– This company has been offering exploration, water boring, and site investigation drilling services since year 2011. Over the years, it has completed projects for major companies worldwide. They have licensed and experienced workers. They use late model equipment to perform different kinds of safe drilling projects.

Those are the top companies proven to have provided wonderful drilling services throughout the years in Sydney. All offer the companies have safety as their priority. Though they differ in quotes and in prizes, it is up to you to choose which one of them suits you best. Remember that drilling must be done delicately in order to avoid complications. Make sure that the company you choose has a very nice reputation and can live out to your own expectations. It must also be taken into consideration that the company’s equipment passed all safety requirements. Rigs, compressors, and other equipment must be well maintained in order to avoid site problems. Drilling is not a joke, all working personnel for each company must we well equipped both in knowledge and in skills.

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