Three Humidifier Filters that Consumers Absolutely Love

Three Humidifier Filters that Consumers Absolutely Love

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Humidifiers are essential for not only increasing humidity but also for helping people with respiratory problems breathe easier. A good humidifier filter alongside with the HVAC system is responsible for distributing this hot air across a room. The market is filled with all types of them, but the three below are without a doubt the ones clients madly love. You can also purchase them here.

1. Holmes ‘A’ Humidifier Filter HWF62
This filter is among the cheapest costing you only $13.67. Also, it comes along with free shipping and other offers that depend on the number of filters you buy; the more, the cheaper. Just like any other filter, you have to know your model number to ensure that the filter you buy fits properly.

This filter is specially designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold. It can also be used to trap mineral deposits found in water and has antimicrobial treatment. Also, it does not make a lot of noise, so if you want to use the humidifier at night, you do not have to worry about losing sleep.
Considering how thin it is, it is rather hard to believe that the filter can do all these things because most thin filters are not as efficient. Nonetheless, timely delivery and effectiveness have made customers adore the Holmes HWF62.

2. Honeywell Replacement Filter, HAC-801
The Honeywell Replacement Filter comes in three sets. It is famed to be among the longest lasting filters, and its price is right as well. The only thing that disappoints most customers when it comes to this filter is its availability. It is much-loved that it vanishes from stores almost immediately after it is delivered.

The HAC-801 has filter technology that prevents the growth and migration of Algae, Fungus, Bacteria, and mold on the surface. Besides, the dry lift handle helps a great deal in keeping your hands clean and dry. However, it is only compatible with these Honeywell cool moisture humidifiers; HCM-3060, HCM-3060C, HCM-88C. Still, it is one filter greatly revered by many clients.

3. Hamilton Beach 05910 Filter
The Hamilton Beach Filter is cheaper as opposed to its counterpart above but equally loved. However, it is thicker and fits models 05518 and 05519 of the Hamilton Beach Cool mist humidifier only. Despite being an aftermarket filter, it has an antimicrobial agent in it that further helps in water purification.

It weighs 4 ounces and is among the best filters on the market at the moment. While there might be an apparent odor when you install the filter, it quickly disappears as water purification, and humidification takes place. As the second of its kind, many customers are pleased with how it works although others argue the former filter was better than the 05910. Hamilton will surely roll out another filter in the coming years, but until then, the Hamilton Beach 05910 Filter is among the best there is currently.

The Bottom Line
Check your filter every two weeks to prevent those inside the house from getting sick. Although some filters can last up to a month, replacing it after two weeks is good so as to ensure that mold and harmful bacteria don’t poison the water or the air. These filters will not only ensure that the air has moisture during the winter but will also see you spend little to no money on expenses incurred from water-related illnesses.

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