Saving endangered animals

Saving endangered animals

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Since the global economic climate is unpleasant, it seems society has no extra money for saving endangered animals or plants species at all. Considering unsolved problems such as: high rate of unemployment, and health care welfare, it will be kind of wasting for society put money on saving endangered other species. However, the real evaluation of endangered animals or plants species cannot be ignored, like: natural chemical compound play an important role for medicine production, and some animals are cultural signal for a whole country, also any species of creature is a part of earth environment, some may help to ensure our food production. Therefore, I think society should make extraordinary efforts to save endangered animal or plant species.

First of all, protecting endangered animals has potential advantages to the society, for those animals are necessary for new medicines. Nowadays, over a half of medicines are made of natural materials, and since thousands species of animals are becoming extinct every year, human are losing thousands chances to product low cost medical compounds and save lives. Meanwhile, instead of saving endangered animals, human beings pour so much money into researching medicines and health treatment, even those two things toward to one destination.

In addition, some endangered animals are playing an important role for countries’ cultural represent, for example: Panda is a “spokesman” for China. In Thailand, the elephant holds a great cultural importance.  In Greece, the sea turtle is a very special creature, as the sea is so much a part of Greek life.  Organizations like Archelon in Greece are so important for the future of these animals.  Along the Athens beaches, they do their best to make sure the sea turtles can safely nest and reproduce the next generation.

Furthermore, one justification for society to protect endangered species is that some species are critical for food production. For instance, in recent years the number of honeybee is suffering sharp decrease in all around the world for an unknown reason.   However, honeybees are so important for production of food for human populations, because the can help to pollinate crops. The problem has become so serious, some of countries have already imported honeybees from Australia to supplement the endangered native population in pollinating billions dollar worth of crops annually.

All of this evidence shows we have enough reason to make extraordinary efforts to save endangered animal or plant species. We should put much more efforts into it even in the worst economic condition, because saving them will both solve medicine treatment and culture reserving at once, and also can ensure the production of foods.

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