Recycling Old Tech

Recycling Old Tech

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In today’s world of technology, where every year things become smaller and faster. You find yourself steadily upgrading and upgrading. Leaving you with boxes of old hard drives, cables and other accessories, that have all become obsolete by todays standards. So, what do you do with all of this stuff? You can only hoard it for so long before it becomes an actual problem. One way to get rid of all this clutter and old tech, is simply to recycle it. What do you mean recycle it, do I just put it in the recycling can and put it out for collection? No, unless the city has a service in place for that. You are going to have to hire a computer recycling  company to handle this.

With how technology is often built, there are some materials that can be hazardous is not handled properly. So, it becomes important to contact an organization or business that has the proper certifications to handle the disposal of the materials. Because with things like batteries being used to help power certain parts, you need to know exactly how to handle them in case they break open, causing a huge problem, such as exploding in some cases.

How much can I expect to pay to have this recycled? Well, like all things, it depends. On what it is that you are getting rid of, what kind of computer or equipment. Thing like monitors have seen a drastic change in how they are made and design. Which causes them to have to be handled differently. Next comes how much are you planning to recycle. If you are just one person with a box of stuff, it is going to be much cheaper than an office building getting rid of all of its old equipment. Though if you are getting rid of a large supply of tech, some companies will reimburse you some of the cost from the scrape metal in side. Which can alleviate some of the cost itself.

What If I just throw it away instead? Like I mentioned earlier, there is some nasty stuff contained in a computer and could be damaging to the environment if breached after a prolong period of time in the elements. Not to mention if you get caught dumping stuff like this, you can be fined a whole lot of money that could have just gone to recycling it and not having to deal with law enforcement.

It is recommended that before you do hire a company, to check what certification and have been compliant with local and federal regulation. Which can easily be found by looking them up through the EPA’s website. I know this may all seem a bit much, when all you want to do is get rid of some clutter from your box of old pc parts. But, it really does matter how you handle this and it can have a lasting affect if not handled properly. It’s really not that hard to call and get a quote and take care of it the proper way.

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