Don’t Overlook These Things in Your Home Maintenance Schedule

Don’t Overlook These Things in Your Home Maintenance Schedule

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 Owning a home is a big responsibility.  While making sure you can pay the mortgage, insurance, and utility bills are hard enough to manage sometimes, home ownership also involves a lot of maintenance, repair, and upgrades.

But while it is easy to check your sink, toilet, shower, paint, and refrigerator, there are many other things in your house Eco Furnace Chauffage Ottawa recommends you keep tabs on if you want to maintain your level of comfort.


Obviously, hot water heaters are important for any home. If you want to take a hot shower or bath or want to be able to wash laundry and dishes efficiently, you need a hot water heater.  The right hot water heater will have a reservoir large enough to contain enough pre-heated water for your home.

If you grew up in a large family you probably have run out of hot water once or twice during your shower.  This is the result of a hot water heater too small to accommodate the use of the home.  These are easily replaced; and you can have a professional install it for you.

Of course, tankless water heaters are also available now. These continuously heat water, which means a) you won’t have to install a large tank; and b) you will very rarely run out of hot water, if at all. While these may cost more to purchase and install, you can save as much as 45 percent in energy expenses over the course of a year.


Heat pumps can be both versatile and economical.  Upgrading or repairing these simple parts can not only help keep your warm during a harsh northern winter but even to ensure your comfort in the most trying of summers.  Heat pumps are composed of several smaller parts, each could need replacing or repair periodically.

  • Coil: each heat pump has two radiator-like coils which connect to the tubing and turn the system into, basically, a single, serpentine loop
  • Coolant: while essentially a gas cooled to a liquid, coolant flows through the loop to keep the system cool
  • Fan: each of the two coils has a fan, which helps to distributed heated or cooled air
  • Compressor: pushes and pressurizes the coolant through the loop
  • Expansion valve: releases the pressure created by the compressor
  • Electric resistance heater: backup heat source

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