Battery Storage and Solar Power Shared Between Two Houses

Battery Storage and Solar Power Shared Between Two Houses

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Here in Australia, we have had a first in rooftop solar technology and battery storage. The State Government’s Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project at White Gum Valley shared the solar power and battery storage between two houses.

What the Solar Panel Demonstration Showed

What this demonstration shows us is that solar panels in combination with a battery backup system, will make solar energy more efficient. In the past, there have been a few times where solar panels have been used in apartment units to power different household. With this advance in the technology, more people can benefit from the energy harnessed by the sun.

Solar Panel Demonstration Showed

Battery Storage Can Generate and Store Its Own Power

Creating a mirco-grid using battery storage, a building is able to not only store its own power, but generate it. The more that storage of solar power that occurs, the better chances Australia has at a renewable energy source.

Energy Efficiency Begins With Smart Design

In order for us to have efficiency in the solar industry, smart design is essential. The innovative technology of battery backups can reduce grid electricity consumption by almost 60%. This will make for amazing strides in the industry to reduce costs and be better for the environment.

Energy Efficiency Begins With

Additional Energy Efficient Habits

In addition to solar panels being installed on the rooftop, there are other things that you can do for energy efficiency.

  • Plant shade trees
  • Use the natural design of the landscape to cool and heat your home
  • Energy efficient light bulbs and lighting
  • Solar heat pump technology to heat your water
  • Appliances that are labeled energy efficient

labeled energy efficient

When you combine all of these different ideas, you will see significant reduction in electric bills and the carbon footprint on the environment.

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