How To Keep Your Hot Tub Or Spa Clean The Eco Friendly Way

How To Keep Your Hot Tub Or Spa Clean The Eco Friendly Way

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Whilst everyone will agree, keeping the water in your hot tub or spa clean is essential, but how do you go about it if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals? Is there an alternative way of doing it that is equally effective? Well the answer to that is yes, there is another way of making sure you protect yourself and family from dirt and bacteria that can multiply in warm, wet conditions.

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The traditional way of killing off any potentially harmful bacteria is to use perhaps a product such as Chlorine Granules which produce free active chlorine to kill off any bacteria and other harmful organisms. Another method would be to use Bromine Granules which will produce active bromine to do the same job. Both of these products are easily dissolved and are effective at killing off bacteria without having much effect on the pH level of the water. You do however need to be careful when handling chemicals such as these and it’s recommended that eye and face protection should be worn and they are only used in a well ventilated area.

If that sounds a bit harsh then you may like to consider using products from the Aquasafe range. The Aquasafe Natural Clarifier will deal with cloudy water by naturally eliminating oils,scum and excess metals. It is an effective formula that is both reliable and safe.

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Aquasafe 90 is a 90 day eco friendly water care formula to keep your water clean and fresh without the need for harsh chemicals. It relies on natural seaweed enzymes to do the job which means you won’t suffer from itching, rashes, dry skin or burning eyes. In fact it is so gentle you won’t need to take a shower afterwards as your skin will feel soft and smooth.

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